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Elite Postpartum Services

Whether you are a single mother, a new family, staying home with older kids, or going back to work, I can provide the postpartum support you will need.  With this service, families are provided personalized care from a CPR certified doula specializing in newborn care and certified location experience. I specialize in overnight, and evening care, helping new families create routines and helping breastfeeding mothers establish a latch, building a nursing routine in the crucial first few weeks, showing mothers how to incorporate self-care while caring for a newborn and so much more! Light housework is included. We can discuss your specific needs and create the postpartum support just for you. This is an investment you will not regret! A benefit for sleepless moms and dads returning to work. 

-$35 per hour for days and $40 per hour after 8 pm

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